Change the Color of Your Eyes With Non Corrective Colored Contacts!

asian-contact-lensesSomething that couldn’t be done just a few, short years ago is changing the color of your eyes. No, you don’t need an expensive and complicated surgery to do it, just some colored contact lenses. Many people today are wondering if they can wear colored contacts and the answer is yes. You can order non corrective colored contact lenses in a variety of great colors. It’s not hard to do and we’ll explain how.

Non corrective colored contacts are used just for cosmetic purposes. They are called “plano” contact lenses since they don’t have any vision correction or magnification properties. You will place your order for them by specifying a magnification of “0″ when it asks for that.

Is a Prescription Needed?

You do not need a vision correction prescription but for those that are interested in getting colored contacts without prescription, you will need a prescription from an eye care professional because they will measure your eyes so that you get the right fitting lenses. If you are looking to buy non prescription colored contacts, know that contact lenses are considered medical devices and you do need a prescription even though they do not correct your vision.

When you get your contacts, you need to treat them as medical devices… meaning, keep them clean and do not share them with anyone else. Eye infections are no fun and can be quite serious. Use contact lens cleaning solution every night or every time you wear them. You also do not want to wear them while sleeping, swimming or while in the shower. If something gets into your eye, the contact lens can hold that foreign object in and you can then get an infection pretty easily.

How Do I Order Non Prescription Colored Contact Lenses?

One thing you should think about is trial contact lenses. Contact lenses may seem small and you may think they’re all the same but they’re not. There are different brands, which use different materials. Some allow more oxygen to pass through than others, which affects how comfortable they feel when you are wearing them. You can order trial, non prescription colored contact lenses, which are actually free. This lets you try different brands and also try different colors since you can order a different color from each manufacturer.

You will first want to look for free trial contact lenses offers and download those rebate certificates. Then after you go to your eye doctor, you will have the forms ready and you can then place your order for free non corrective colored contact lenses. They will arrive in a few days and you can start trying them.